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Wednesday November 22nd 2017
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I want to be a banker

I want to be a banker.

Heads I win, Tails you lose.

Give me your savings & I will place them in risky investments. When they fail its your loss but I’ve still had my pay & bonuses & lose nothing.

Give me your pension pot. Again I will risk your cash but pay myself huge wages & bonuses before I top up your pension pot.

You take out a business loan & pay me lots of interest. When the economy gets tight I will pull all those loans & sink your business. But at least my capital will be safe.

Take out an account & give me your earnings, I will invest that money & use it to underpin my business. Hit hard times or make a mistake & I will bill you huge amounts for computer generated letters.

If things really go pear shaped I will go to the government & get them to underpin my pay & bonuses with your taxes.

I want to be a banker.

– EricC, Manchester, UK

World Cup 2010 Cheats and Liars

This Football World Cup seems to push all the wrong buttons with me, as can be seen in my previous post. But today I have another aspect to rant about – sportsmanship.

According to Wikipedia:

Sportsmanship expresses an aspiration or ethos that the activity will be enjoyed for its own sake, with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with one’s competitors.

Now taking a look at the disallowed Lampard goal, did Germany’s goalkeeper Manuel Neuer act in a sportsmanlike way? The answer is a resounding NO! In his own words:

“I tried not to react to the referee and just concentrate on what was happening,” Neuer said on Sunday in remarks quoted in the British press. “I realized it was over the line and I think the way I carried on so quickly fooled the referee into thinking it was not over.”

Now I understand that he lied to prevent England from getting the goal, but it is lying none-the-less and by doing so he acted in a very unsportsmanlike way. If he had come clean, he would have been a hero around the world. Now he is merely seen as an underhanded liar and a poor sportsman.

But he is not the only one at fault. We just need to take a look at the Ireland vs France match. Ireland lost their place at the World Cup because Theirry Henry scored a goal through a handball which he later admitted! In his words:
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Football needs a TV referee!

I am not a big football fan in general but I do make a point of watching the World Cup games. Over the month or so that the matches are played, I am an avid fan. One thing has come up which really makes my blood boil – the insistance of FIFA that they will NOT make use of TV technology when making difficult decisions.

The years World Cup has been plagues with bad decisions by the ref’s and the linesmen. One of the biggest was the goal that England scored against Germany. I call it a goal because it was clear to everyone that it was a goal, but the linesman was either blind or was distracted at the time and called it as a ‘no-goal’.

This is not the only time. In the Mexico v Argentina match, a clearly offside Argentine player was given the goal. This also happened in the South Africa v Mexico match where a Mexican goal was denied by the linesman. And who could forget Ireland being denied a place in the World Cup because of a handball goal by France’s Thierry Henry.

In most of the major sports, the use of video playback, sometimes called the third umpire, is widely used in difficult decisions. It is a very simple matter to do it, so why does FIFA not institute it. Until now, they insist that another human judge near the goal is all that is needed.

YouTube Preview Image
TV showing the Lampard ‘non-goal’

The problem with this is the human-error factor again. There will ALWAYS be controversy until FIFA moves with the times and allows a more modern method. It is not diffcult, it is not expensive and contrary to FIF’s statements, it is not too slow either!
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When women cry rape

One of the things I like doing is reading news from various countries. Not only does it broaden my general knowledge about the country, but also allows me to see how similar or different each place is. Well today I was browsing around the U.K.’s Daily Mail website and came across a story that really makes me mad!

In any civilised society, rape is seen as one of the worst crimes possible. Society treats it so seriously that usually people convicted of rape are expected to spend a large amount of time behind bars. Rape is not just a physical act, but also the emotional and psychological issues which follow the woman (and in some cases men) around for the rest of their lives.

That said, the scenario I read today has been reported on repeatedly over the past several months and it sickens me almost as much as rape does itself. In this case a woman was drunk and wanted to get rid of him, so she made up a story of being raped by two men while she was walking home from a pub.

Now here is the part that pisses me off!

This woman gave the police the descriptions of two men she had seen at the nightclub. After looking at surveilance video of the club, the two men were arrested and dragged off to the local station to be questioned. It was only FIVE months later that they were told that they were cleared and this was only after the woman finally admitted that she had lied.

So due to this woman crying rape and lying, two innocent people’s lives were ruined by the allegations. But this is not the only thing…
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Zero-tolerance, zero-brain

It seems to me that when a school adopts a ‘zero tolerance’ policy that it also means that reason and common sense gets thrown out the window.

Just today there was an article about an 8-year-old boy who was banned from wearing a hat because the hat happened to have a small toy soldier on it holding a gun.

Here is another story:

“The school and juvenile justice system sent my 13-year-old daughter to jail for 30 days for unintentionally bringing two pocket knives to school and voluntarily turning them in. No harm was done, nor was there any threat to another person yet she has to suffer, and apparently so are many other young people I’m finding out, as well.”

YouTube Preview Image

America’s public schools were once considered the hope of freedom and democracy. Yet, as John Whitehead reveals in this week’s vodcast, students currently attending public schools will be marked by overreaching zero tolerance policies, heightened surveillance, and an emphasis on behavior-controlling drugs–all resulting in the destruction of privacy and freedom.

Time and again we hear of utter stupidity coming from teachers, principles and law enforcement because of ‘zero-tolerance’. Children being suspended and/or arrested for having a single aspirin at school. Children being interrogated because they drew a picture of their marine father holding a gun. The list is endless.

Any little mistake means automatic conviction, fine or jail time with no room for common sense. This has led to a number of cases where even judges have been found guilty of profiting from ‘zero-tolerance’. Just go and Google “kids-for-cash scandal” for that story.

The main problem with ‘zero-tolerance’ is that the system fails to differentiate between the good kids who make a simple mistake and those hooligan delinquents that cause trouble.

A new study by two Michigan State University researchers, revealed that zero tolerance had in fact failed in its mission to make students feel safe at school. Thats says something, doesn’t it?

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Why I won’t get an iPad or iPhone

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big Apple fan. I own several iPods, a Mac Mini and even a MacBook. But I will not be buying either an iPad or an iPhone. Why not, you may ask?

My first and major, gripe is the deal about Flash not being allowed on these devices.  I love Flash and it is EVERYWHERE on the web. Practically every web site has it. When I am surfing the net on my mobile device, I expect to see websites displayed properly, with all their functionality working. I do not want to see little blank spots all over the page where the flash is embedded.

Like it or not Apple, Flash is way more prevalent than you are on the net. People WANT to view Flash on their devices and it seems as though you are just plain ignoring what your customers are asking for. Is this how you treat your valued customers, by ignoring what they are saying they want?

I don’t give a flying faloot whether Flash is a resource hog, unstable or unreliable on your device. What I expect is that you LISTEN to what we are saying and fix it. This doesn’t mean that you go and bad mouth Adobe. What it does mean is that you go to Adobe and work with them on a workable solution. That is good customer service that anyone knows.

My second gripe is about the price of these devices. Why do they have to be so outrageously expensive? In China you can buy a clone for a third of the price and they are still making a big enough profit. There are also now a slew of Android devices coming out to challenge not only the iPhone, but also the iPad. These are also more reasonably priced (and run Flash!).

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