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Wednesday November 22nd 2017
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Why I won’t get an iPad or iPhone

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big Apple fan. I own several iPods, a Mac Mini and even a MacBook. But I will not be buying either an iPad or an iPhone. Why not, you may ask?

My first and major, gripe is the deal about Flash not being allowed on these devices.  I love Flash and it is EVERYWHERE on the web. Practically every web site has it. When I am surfing the net on my mobile device, I expect to see websites displayed properly, with all their functionality working. I do not want to see little blank spots all over the page where the flash is embedded.

Like it or not Apple, Flash is way more prevalent than you are on the net. People WANT to view Flash on their devices and it seems as though you are just plain ignoring what your customers are asking for. Is this how you treat your valued customers, by ignoring what they are saying they want?

I don’t give a flying faloot whether Flash is a resource hog, unstable or unreliable on your device. What I expect is that you LISTEN to what we are saying and fix it. This doesn’t mean that you go and bad mouth Adobe. What it does mean is that you go to Adobe and work with them on a workable solution. That is good customer service that anyone knows.

My second gripe is about the price of these devices. Why do they have to be so outrageously expensive? In China you can buy a clone for a third of the price and they are still making a big enough profit. There are also now a slew of Android devices coming out to challenge not only the iPhone, but also the iPad. These are also more reasonably priced (and run Flash!).

Yes you are paying for the brand name, but it is really not worth it to me and my friends – especially when it is crippled intentionally!

Until Apple starts to listen to what we the consumer wants, I am certainly not going to buy their products, or recommend their products to anyone I know. I will tell them exactly what I feel: Apple does not listen to it’s customers, sells over-priced products which are crippled and the competition (namely the Android devices) offers so much more for so much better value for your buck.

I have one last message to Apple: You have lost a previously loyal customer in me and will lose more as I make recommendations to my friends and family.

Just thought you should know!

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