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Wednesday November 22nd 2017
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Football needs a TV referee!

I am not a big football fan in general but I do make a point of watching the World Cup games. Over the month or so that the matches are played, I am an avid fan. One thing has come up which really makes my blood boil – the insistance of FIFA that they will NOT make use of TV technology when making difficult decisions.

The years World Cup has been plagues with bad decisions by the ref’s and the linesmen. One of the biggest was the goal that England scored against Germany. I call it a goal because it was clear to everyone that it was a goal, but the linesman was either blind or was distracted at the time and called it as a ‘no-goal’.

This is not the only time. In the Mexico v Argentina match, a clearly offside Argentine player was given the goal. This also happened in the South Africa v Mexico match where a Mexican goal was denied by the linesman. And who could forget Ireland being denied a place in the World Cup because of a handball goal by France’s Thierry Henry.

In most of the major sports, the use of video playback, sometimes called the third umpire, is widely used in difficult decisions. It is a very simple matter to do it, so why does FIFA not institute it. Until now, they insist that another human judge near the goal is all that is needed.

YouTube Preview Image
TV showing the Lampard ‘non-goal’

The problem with this is the human-error factor again. There will ALWAYS be controversy until FIFA moves with the times and allows a more modern method. It is not diffcult, it is not expensive and contrary to FIF’s statements, it is not too slow either!

Another problem that this technology would solve is that of players pretending to be fouled by rolling on the ground in apparent agony. I am getting really sick of this play acting which is also ruining the game. To my mind, it is 100% cheating.

Football is a multi-million dollar earner, for players, promoters and anyone even loosely associated with the game. When it comes down to it, the paying public are being cheated by having an unfair game when the technology is there.

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